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Venice bus rental prices 2010

Venice Bus generally provides any kind of bus charter service to and from Venice and its surroundings. For the most popular charter bus services, we have prepared an online pricelist which is valid until december 31st 2010. For any other kind of bus transfers, bus tours or bus travel please write to including meeting point, number of participants, destination and date. We will then provide you within the shortest delays a tailormade bus rental offer for your specific needs.

Price list for popular bus transfers from Venice airport

Fees for bus transfers from Marco Polo airport (2010)
(the given prices for any charter bus service include 10% VAT)
DESTINATION 8 seats 16 seats 30 seats 52 seats
Bologna 568,00 581,00 639,00 650,00
Ferrara 502,00 515,00 568,00 581,00
Milano (Milan) 705,00 705,00 892,00 911,00
Padova (Padua) 251,00 264,00 304,00 323,00
Ravenna 568,00 581,00 639,00 650,00
Torino (Turin) 1.328,00 1.392,00 1.592,00 1.652,00
Trento (Trent) 683,00 694,00 760,00 772,00
Treviso 211,00 224,00 251,00 264,00
Trieste 502,00 515,00 568,00 581,00
Udine 502,00 515,00 568,00 581,00
Venice (piazzale Roma) 211,00 224,00 251,00 264,00
Verona 488,00 502,00 568,00 581,00
Vicenza 350,00 363,00 422,00 436,00
Waiting time: EUR 55,00 per hour (even if only started)
Night supplement: +20% for services between 9 PM and 6 AM
Sunday and holiday supplement: +20% for services on Sundays and holidays
Prices do not include: meals and accomodation for the driver, parking, ferry boat, tunnels, "bus ticket art cities"(entrance fee for limited access zone)

Of course, we do also offer bus transfers to and from different places other than Marco Polo airport. Should you need a bus transfer anywhere in the surroundings of Venice, please feel free to contact us anytime to get a personal offer.

How to book Venice airport transfers and bus transfers

To get an offer for a bus transfer or any other bus rental service in Venice and surrounding Veneto, please write to . Please include meeting point and destination, number of people to transport as well as date and time of your desired transfer. You will then get our coach transfer offer as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours at the latest.


Venezia. Foto: Radomil Binek
Venezia. Foto: Nino Barbieri
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Venezia. Foto: Anna Ehrlich